Friday, June 27, 2014

Corbett Kids

David and Laura went out with his mom for her birthday and we were SO blessed to get to host these kiddos for a few hours!  Everyone 'buddied up' and had a great time.

Kena LOVES Cailey and the feeling is definitely mutual!  

these two always have a blast together!

They went for a walk/scooter/bike/wagon ride to the neighborhood park

the boys came right back and had light saber fights

these sweet girls loved playing games, rainbow looming, and spying on the boys

she was 'teaching' kena piano

bryce brought a turtle with him which was fun for all the kiddos. I was surprised Ephram loved it as much as he did!

game fun once it got dark for these 6... while the big boys stayed out catching fireflies

watching these two boys play melted my heart. they were babies together and now they are almost in school!!

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