Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Storybook Safari Reunion

 Sheree, Marsie, Kristen, Janice, and I met at Goodberry's while Sheree was visiting from Alabama. These kids have known each other since the were preschooler, some newborns, and some babies!  It's hard to believe that one of them will be going into middle school this year! 

 Ephram and Lucas weren't around in the early Storybook Safari days but I bet they would have loved our classes! This picture makes me think of Braden and Braeden at the same age.

 These guys were only two when we started working there!  Now they are NINE

 and these special girls were together all the time at Sheree's house while I worked. They were just babies back then!

My all time favorites there!  Kristen, Sheree, Janice, Marsie, and I

 I mean...could this shot be any better?



Sheree Johnston said...

Awww Heather....I love this post! This was such a special day with my Storybook Safari family! I miss you all...and I am so glad we will always be matter what! :)

Sheree Johnston said...

Awww...Heather, I love this post!!! This was such a fun day for our Storybook Safari family...I am so thankful that we are keeping in touch and will be friends always! :)