Wednesday, March 26, 2014


 They had NO CLUE that mom was coming through on her way to watch Abby and Nicky and boy does this mama love a surprise!  They were was awesome!

 We had gone to church, Braden went on a run, and the kiddos helped me pull weeds. They weren't suspecting a thing.

 they rushed out to give her a hug:)

before long mom had them all washing the salt off her car...including the Morgan girls!  

 we loved our time with nonny. she stayed two days on her way down then came back on her way home for a quick overnight.

 playing scrabble

listening to ephram read his books. he was so proud to show her
that he could read!
Ephram has so much fun playing games, doing puzzles, and reading with Nonny while I do school
with the other kids.

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