Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March Visit

 They decided to wear opposite matchy outfits

 these girlies

 They spent hours singing Frozen songs and listening to the music outside in the sunshine. They even put on a mini musical for us that was VERY cute. My favorite was 'Do you want to Build A Snowman?' because they got the little girls involved too. SO sweet.

 group pic

 We went to the Science Museum for our field trip the next day. 


 these two have decided to carry water bottles around just like their mamas now!  also take notice that Cailey purposely gets up on her tip toes in pictures now so she can be as tall as Rebecca. She is NOT happy that her bff is growing/changing while she isn't. :)

 all eight kiddos fit in the trunk


 This girl was finally old enough to explore all of the exhibits!

 We ate outside for lunch and the kids segregated themselves by gender:). I love these sweet kiddos!

 a lady was watching us so I asked if she would take a picture of everyone with the mamas. such a rare treat!
they could have stayed and watched the fish for a lot longer!  

Laura and I are wishing we started these monthly field trips earlier because they are so fun!  Since we have awesome passes everything has been FREE too! 

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