Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Duggars!

 Thanks to facebook, Cailey and I went to a book signing and met the Duggars!  It literally was a 'God' thing because originally Brian was supposed to be out of town watching Carolina play in the tournament...but they lost in the first round so he came home Friday night. (I would've had to take Kinsey to basketball, etc.) I saw someone post something about it late Friday night and decided I'd take Cailey the next morning. Oh boy were we excited!
 listening to them sing a song before coming in the store

 Cailey was definitely 'star struck' when she first met the girls. They were SO sweet
and personable.

 I realized that I didn't take pictures of the boys...:)

 sweet Josie 'signing' the book

 Michelle and Jim Bob were sweet and exactly like you see on the show. Michelle and I were talking about adoption then Cailey asked her a few questions.
This was such a neat thing to do with my biggest girl. We arrived early and waited in line for about an hour before they came. Since we were sponsoring a child we were able to go to the FRONT of the line and spend more time with them. So so fun!

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