Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Morgan Day:)

 Between camps, trips, etc we haven't been able to hang out with the Morgans as much as we'd like to this summer.  Leslie and I went out to dinner and then shopping on Friday night and it was so good to hang out with her! Much needed catch up time and laughter...we just have a great time together

We also came up with a plan for the kiddos to hang out together. They came over the next week and went to the pool with us for the day!  In the morning they hung out and played 'hand games', hide n' seek, tag, and the boys played with animals and guns.

 Then we headed to the pool...yup...ALL seven kiddos:).  The day was PERFECT for the pool and I had a great time playing with them in the water. day they will all go on THREE:)!

 a fun time was had by all!

 we met the klick's there too so the boys all played together and caroline joined the girls.


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