Sunday, August 4, 2013

Camp for Kinsey!

 This was Kinsey's first year at New Life Camp!  She went to day camp and had such a great time. She was EXHAUSTED after getting home each day and fell fast asleep but bright and early in the morning she'd wake up so happy and excited to go to camp. 

She was great about telling me everything she did and couldn't wait to share with me. When we went to family night on Friday she was excited to see us:).

 she stayed in courage cabin

 Ephram cracked me up...he ran and jumped into her arms as if she'd been gone for a whole week..instead of a!

 daddy took them on a canoe ride

 Kinsey showed us her archery skills first. Then Ephram tried but was too easily frustrated. Braden did awesome and hit the target several times.

 after visiting the snack shack we played mini golf...and by we I mean everyone except for me. Brian and the boys had a great time but kinsey is WAY too competitive for it and wasn't a happy camper.  I'm so thankful she was able to go to camp and had such a fun time. She's already asking about next year!

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