Sunday, August 18, 2013

day 2

 All week the forecast hasn't looked good the night before but even though it was supposed to rain today we had perfect weather..YAY!  Breakfast was eaten on the porch every morning.

 Today they got right to boogie boarding and making friends.  The water was calm and perfect for them to go out a little further.

 Kinsey wasn't so sure about going out even though there were barely waves but she gave it a try when daddy took her out.

 Ephram wasn't sure about the ocean today and was content to sit and build castles.

 my cartwheel girl...she was doing them all up and down the beach

 Poor daddy was out in the CALM ocean and got stung by a jellyfish. Ephram keeps saying an octopus got him because part of the sting is shaped like one. The lifeguard had vinegar for it...and we convinced Ephram to pee on it but later found out (via the internet) that there is no proof pee helps.

 The kids loved playing in tide pools!  Cailey was SO sweet and would give ephram rides all around!

 then ephram wanted to try...but it was a little too heavy.

 building a sand castle together!  ephram could not WAIT to get started!

 bringing water for the castle

 before we left for the beach we ran out of bread so I headed to the bread store.  I saw moonpies were super cheap and grabbed a pack for snacks.  Brian was THRILLED but the kids had no clue what they were. Apparently we've been bad southern!  They loved eating them.

 after the beach pool fun

 got the canvas pic i wanted for this year:)!

 We went to Barefoot Landing after dinner to walk around and shop

 BATMAN!  Ephram wanted them to all take a picture with him.

Today was super fun and I'm so thankful it was SUNNY!

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