Sunday, January 19, 2014


 Ephram wanted to have a sleepover with Cailey. She was excited about it so the two of them 'partied' in her room until after 10:00 together.  She read him a TON of books.

 They watched Netflix together

 And when I came to check on to see if they were asleep I found them writing notes to each other with just the desk lamp on.

He ended up sleeping on the bean bag beside her bed but was still talking about the sleepover long after. What a sweet relationship these two share!

When he is Cailey's age she'll already be in college, but OH how I love their bond! Maybe she will let him come visit her when she's in college:)!

Mr. Imagination is constantly pretending. I guess he had been telling Cailey he wanted a mail bag so he could be a mail carrier. She found an old t shirt and we cut it up together. Then she hand sewed it closed on the bottom and added a handle for him. Ephram LOVES it!  He writes letters then delivers them to us.  Cailey did a great job!

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