Thursday, January 16, 2014

Miami Time!

 The kids were staying with their cousins (and Cailey was at mom and dad's) so I went to see Anne for the day/night!  We had a great time shopping, walking around stores, laughing (lots, of course), and eating yummy food. Our time together passed SO quickly...we couldn't believe it.

 Laura drove through COLD and RAIN to meet up with us at Chili's for dinner. These two are like my sisters so it's super fun when I can be with them BOTH:). Fun.Times.

 Anne and I went to Target after dinner so we could check out the Christmas clearance and ended up getting new matching jammies:).  I will NEVER forget the laughs-so-hard-we-cried in Target or the looks Anne got from on of the employees who was sitting on the floor folding shirts. So.Very.Funny!! Oh, we had so much fun!  I just love this girl!

We watched a Hallmark movie and talked with Jim after we got home.

Saying goodbye is never fun:(.  So thankful I was able to spend time with Anne!

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