Wednesday, January 22, 2014

thank you.

Thank you notes get written in this house. By ALL the kids. However, mommy doesn't really do a great job on the delivery of them...apparently.

 I was cleaning out our front hall table and found letter after letter and thank you notes dating back to Cailey's SECOND birthday. Yup...nine years ago. The kids took their pile of letters and gave them to their friends, or whoever it was for. Imagine getting an envelope full of thank you cards for all of the gifts you've given over the years...pretty fun. Thankfully everyone thought it was funny..and hopefully I'll do a better job of mailing them in the future! When we counted, there were 72. Yup. Pretty sad.

It was also very eye opening to see that some of them hand nicer handwriting in second grade than they do now! 

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