Saturday, January 11, 2014

Time away

 Cailey asked mom and dad if she could go home with them for a week after Christmas.  We were sad to see her go but knew she'd have a great time. I don't have pictures of their time :( but she read a TON of library books, went to see Frozen with Nonny, ate lunch out several times, got up early and exercised with her every morning, helped with dinner, and played games. Her favorite part was getting to sit with Nonny in her room and watch TV in the evenings. She introduced mom to America's Funniest Home Videos..and they just laughed and laughed together. She had a really wonderful time and missed Nonny a lot after coming home. Nonny told me that Cailey was the perfect age to come and said she really misses her too. They bonded. And had fun just doing life together. I know this trip will be treasured!

For the last two days it SNOWED and she was able to play outside in it. When Brian picked her up I asked him to get a picture of her in the snow since we hadn't gotten any yet. I now wish I asked him to take a picture of her with Nonny and Poppy!!

 We all missed our Cailey girl!

Oh..and Cailey told me that when she rode to their house she had nothing to do for the whole five hours. The bag she brought with things to do somehow got packed in their trunk.

Another highlight she shared was that Poppy let her get CHIPS (which really IS a big deal for healthy poppy) at the gas station on the way Love the things that excite her.

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