Saturday, January 25, 2014


 Co op has started back for the winter/spring semester and it's the last year I will have one of my own babies in my class. This is bitter sweet for me!  I love teaching Ephram in co op but know it's good for him to learn from others as well. This year I just have to plan and teach TWO weeks of co op because we have four adults in there with us. (So we will each take two). I'm used to prepping, planning, and teaching every week so this will be a treat for me! I'll still help with teaching and crowd control, of course, but it will be different watching others teach 'their way':).

First two weeks we are covering Snow and Winter. We read The Biggest Best Snowman and sang songs in circle time after learning everyone's name. We have 19 kids in the class ranging from age 2-5 so that makes for a HUGE skill range. 
 They sang the "Mr. Snowman" song and put him together

They painted a snowman and glued on his parts

They also put 'snowballs' (cotton) on number cards and played some winter file folder games. 

The second week was based on The Mitten by Jan Brett. Unfortunately it was canceled because of snow! I want to write down my plans for our activities since Ephram and I still did it. (Though I didn't take pictures) There was ice skating (on wax paper), a mitten craft, sequencing the events of the story, making patterns with ice (jewels that I have that are two shades of blue and clear), and a snowball fight with socks.

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