Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Beach Day 4

 The girls and I had good intentions and packed our running clothes/shoes. We ended up only getting up to do it once and even then just ran a little before stopping to look for BUT Brian and Braden ran five times including a 7 mile run.

 The ocean has been calm all week and there aren't lots of sharp shells on the bottom so I went out with them a bunch.

 Brian built another great sand castle...I helped him a little:)

 ephram discovered that if you dig in the sand you will eventually hit water...then made a pool

 we went to Mellow Mushroom for dinner instead of eating in because they were celebrating their 40th birthday and selling small pizzas and sodas at their original prices. ($2.50 and .30)

 Afterwards we headed to Broadway at the Beach. The kids filled bags of candy at It's Sugar.

 annual dinosaur pic

 Cailey and Kinsey singing a duet of "Let It Go" on the stage in a store perfect for girlies

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