Monday, August 18, 2014

Beach Day 2

 This seems to be the day for sea creatures!! We found three star fish AND both Ephram and Cailey were stung by jelly fish. Strangely enough we haven't seen ANY on the shore this year.

 oh...and we found this little crab

 it was very calm in the ocean and perfect for boogie boarding way out.

 We built a sand castle (and by we I mean 98% daddy)

 jelly fish sting. she was stung when she was about to catch a wave boogie boarding. ephram was stung while we were holding hands and he was jumping over waves. he screamed for me to pick him up so I did..then went to shore to see what happened. he was stung in two places on his leg and swelled up pretty bad. cailey knew to run away quickly so only had this sting on her leg....

 burying daddy
 sand monster daddy
 burying ephram
 he loved it and giggled the whole time!  so cute to see his piggies peeking out:).
 sand monster ephram

 we went up to the pool after the beach (as we do everyday) then came in for showers.

 We only ate out once this year where we had to pay (free CFA coupons helped us too:). We brought easy food to make so we could save $ AND the kids wanted that anyway. One night they had hotdogs/beans (cucumbers and peppers were served every night) and they had mac n' cheese ham pie with sweet potatoes another night.

Ephram's meal at Benjamin's consisted of hushpuppies. He has been talking about them for MONTHS. He LOVES the hushpuppies there so much that it was ingrained in his memory. Good thing they didn't disappoint!

 playing after an early dinner

 afterwards we went to barefoot landing and walked around

As we were leaving a storm came out of nowhere and produced an amazing lightning show over the ocean. Brian caught this one with the camera. The kids always fall right to sleep after spending all day playing in the water.

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