Saturday, August 2, 2014

Nonny and Poppy's

 After a one day break from traveling (to Atlanta) the kids and I went up to MD so we could spend time with mom and dad before the summer was over. The weather was gorgeous when it wasn't raining so we spent a lot of time outside. Monkey in the middle...


 as always we played LOTS of games with Nonny (mostly Sorry)

 Ephram and Kinsey helped me bake brownies for poppy...and another batch for them

 We went to the library and checked out about 50 books...which they read ALL of! Cailey would've sat and read all day...every day.

 "Look Mommy!  I made a giraffe!"

 Braden was excited that he could finally climb the tree in the front yard. We think this is where he got the spider bite, though.

 always finding sticks

 Dad set up horseshoes to play with the kiddos

 then played a game against each one.

 "take my picture, mommy!"

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