Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Kinsey's teeth journey

 We've known Kinsey would need a lot of dental care since she was a baby because of her large under bite but thought we would have to wait until she was much older and it would involve breaking her jaw. Thankfully there is something they can do NOW that will hopefully prevent the jaw breaking when she's older. The catch was...she needed her six year molars. AND we needed to start before she turned nine (actually, the younger, the better...but whenever the six year molars were in). Her six year molars took FOREVER to come in but finally did this spring (when she was older than 8 1/2) so the orthodontist prepped her mouth for an expander appliance to go in.

 This picture was taken before any appliance was put in her mouth. The last day of having sticky candy and hard foods.

 Step one was getting the appliance and wearing it for two weeks, just to get used to it.

Braden either wants to be a NICU doctor or an orthodontist and thoroughly enjoys coming to all her appointments:). They are GREAT about it and hook him up with gloves and tools:). Thankfully he has a sweet sister who is willing to play along and let him get a closer look.

This week we went back and got a 'key' to start using every day for three weeks. At night we turn it one notch which will widen her upper jaw (the first step of MANY).  SO...she has been such a great trooper with the pain and trouble talking...and dealing with having a hard time eating...AND not being able to eat super yummy things. She hasn't complained a bit..I'm amazed, really, because I know it's painful at times!  She's done awesome!

The next check is in three weeks.....

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