Saturday, August 23, 2014

Cailey's 12th Birthday Party

 Cailey didn't want a theme for her party this year. She wanted to play soccer with a few friends, eat dinner, and hang out. She's always bummed that Rebecca lives too far to come so we decided to have her party during Aunt Camp this May!  It was awesome!  One of her friends got sick that day and couldn't come:( but they had a blast.

 We went to Blue Jay Point

 siblings were the goalies

 after lots of soccer they took a break and hiked down to the water

 Cailey, Gracie, Cora, and Rebecca

 I REALLY wanted to go with a soccer theme...BUT I held myself back:). She wanted hotdogs and beans, BBQ chips, fruit, Root Beer, and candy.

 Her favorite Strawberry Cake

 present time

 They played Just Dance Disney and it was a HOOT!  They had a blast!

 then a trampoline break

AND it ended with Monkey in the Middle. 

I love that she knows exactly what she wants and wants things to be as simple as possible. It's totally opposite of my personality but it is MUCH easier:).  Cailey had a great party. I can't believe she's 12!!!

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