Friday, August 22, 2014

Cailey's 12th Birthday

 Cailey requested pistachio bread and a juice box for breakfast this year for her birthday. Once again we ate breakfast out on the beach.

 after breakfast I took a little walk with cailey which is her favorite
thing to do at the beach

 for lunch she requested Cool Ranch Doritos, Grapes, Fruit Snacks, and a granola bar:)

 Dinner was a strawberry milkshake from Chick fil A and chicken strips

We came back and spent the evening on the beach then let her swim in the pool until much later than usual....something she looks forward to every year!

Game- Egyptian War
Sport- Soccer
Food- Candy
Meal- Shrimp and Linguini
Drink- Root Beer
Song- Breakthrough by Brit Nicole
Thing to do outside- play with Georgia (turtle)
Color- turquoise
Dessert- ice cream (strawberry)
Toy- American Girl Dolls
Thing to do- Read
Book- Anything Historical Fiction
Season- Spring
Place to go- The Mountains
Subject in School- Science
What do you want to be when you grow up? NICU Nurse

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