Friday, January 23, 2009

still had fun!!

They played Sorry and Uno Attack!

these girls could play dress up all day!

Plan A: Rebecca was coming over on Monday night to spend the night...but then snow was predicted!

Plan B: Rebecca came on Wednesday night to sleepover but I couldn't be there because I was going to a concert (Celine Dion..which I bought tickets for 14 months ago). Brian was going to have it pretty easy because Rebecca could just go to AWANA with Cailey..until that got canceled for ice! So I had to leave Brian with all four kids and was gone all night! He did a great job and the kids had fun playing games (he even taught Rebecca two new games), dressing up, reading, and using their imagination!

Brian did something so genius (and hilarious) that I never would have thought of. He put a monitor in the girls room so he could hear if they talked past their 'talk time'. He also put a walkie-talkie in there so that every time they talked he'd get on the walkie-talkie and tell them to go to sleep! I thought that was awesome:).


anthonyandbeth said...

hilarious about the walkie talkie! i think i need to do that with my boys! :)

Auntie Anne said...

That is so smart! I want to remember that for when I have children! :)

Heather said...

yeah! beats sitting in the room until they fall asleep!