Sunday, August 21, 2016

Cailey's 14th and mama's thoughts

I kept asking Cailey what she wanted to do for her birthday this year but she wasn't sure. The weekend before Cailey decided that she didn't want a birthday party this year. She just wanted to have a friend over and enjoy her favorite meal, cake, ice cream, and have a sleepover. So...on her birthday eve, Anna came over for dinner. I made shrimp and linguini, salad, garlic bread, and there was juice (her fav). Afterwards God gave them the most glorious sunset while they played tupperball in the front yard. There's been lots of laughter reading stories Cailey wrote, chatting, and just being a kid. I LOVE that she's still a kid at 14 years old. She loves playgrounds..she isn't 'too cool' for anything yet.

The other day she said, "I think I'm emotionally and physically two years behind." She recognizes that she would rather play...where her peers are well past that. I think she's blessed. She gets to be a kid longer in a world that wants them to grow up faster than they should. She doesn't have to worry about 'grown up' things yet. She's growing. She's changing...and all in good time everyone will be in the same place (physically and emotionally).

Today I made her favorite birthday cake (homemade strawberry with strawberry icing) and we sang while Anna was here. Cake and Ice cream...her dessert requests.

I always want to throw 'themed' parties though Cailey did decide that she was done with themes years ago. SO...strawberry cake with strawberry frosting and no theme it was.

Tomorrow when she wakes up she will be 14 years old. That's so crazy to me. That's so OLD to me. My curly blonde toddler is long gone and replaced with this almost adult. I feel like I blinked and it happened. Some of the days with three toddlers were definitely long but man...the years were short. I saw a picture of her preschool class headed to high school and could NOT believe it!

I pray for you, Cailey girl. Pray that you will serve the one who made you. Pray that you will strive to serve others and put them before yourself. Pray that you will bloom and grow in your love for the Lord. Pray that you know you.are.loved. You were prayed for. Exactly 14 years ago this minute my labor began and I couldn't wait to see and know you. I love you, butterfly girl.

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