Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Morning Boy

Six months old and 3 years old

Since Braden has been in our family he has become our alarm clock. He is a morning person in every sense of the word, Brian and I are not a morning people at all. Every morning at 6:00 he comes in and joyfully says "Good Morning Daddy." He waits for Brian to take a shower and turns on the lights, gets out deoderant for Brian and paitently waits to be entertained. He is an introvert and usually very quiet by nature...except for early in the morning! Now that Cailey gets up early for school we are all up and Braden thinks it is so great. Hearing him give an excited play by play of what's going on is precious:).

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Elisarose said...

My daughter (age 4) has always been a morning person as well! I think God gives us children like this on purpose :). I found your blog through Laura's. Check mine out sometime! elisarose.blogspot.com