Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Bunkbed Fugitive

Since we are adopting a new baby, (surprise to those of you who don't know yet) I wanted to go ahead and transist Kinsey into a "big girl bed". She's only 21 months but I thought it would be fine. Seems like I forgot who this child was...oh yeah, the one who is ALWAYS getting into trouble. Kinsey is what our friends call "a normal child". Our other children were always very obedient and helpful at that age...Kinsey's been trouble since she was 10 months old. Sweet, very cute, but trouble! Cailey loves sharing a room with her sister, and is so excited about her new bunk beds. Kinsey thought it was pretty funny the first night-but I was very stern with her and told her to stay in bed. She got out two times to play with toys (not too bad considering it's Kinsey!) It's been about a month and she's started a new trick. Cailey has been requesting that the door stay open at night and I didn't have a problem with that....until now. About five minutes after Kinsey is tucked in I'll be in my room watching TV and I see either a little hand reach in the door and wave, or a head peeking around the corner. In all honesty it's really cute, but if I let it continue she'll never sleep. When I get out of my room she knows to get back to the bed and has learned how to run and climb quickly into bed and pretend she's sleeping!

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