Saturday, August 25, 2007

Beach, Here We Come!

Those birthday gifts came in handy on the way down!

Braden and Kinsey decided to sleep in the van.

Kinsey had no fear and took to the ocean right away!

Braden did NOT like the water when we arrived and
I was afraid he'd be like that all week, fortunately he
was fine the next day.

The whole way down, Cailey kept much longer
till we get there?

So we left for the beach last Saturday with excited children. Since I took SO many pics and have a lot of stories, I'll spread them throughout the week and do one post a day. The first day when we got there, the condo wasn't ready for us yet. The kids really wanted to go down to the beach, so we decided to take them down. I didn't plan on having them swim with their clothes, but clearly Kinsey had another idea. She was on her BELLY face down in the water kicking, playing with the sand, and having a blast! Braden quickly decided he would "help" daddy unload the van while the girls changed and played in the ocean.

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The Hilemans said...

Yay! We're glad you're home! Hope you had a fabulous time at the beach. I LOVE the pictures of Cailey in the green dress. Precious!