Saturday, August 11, 2007

Cailey's Party

Look at all these fishies!

Aren't kiddie pools great?

messin' and munchin'

Posin' for Pics

So happy to see friends

"The sand castle cake looks gorgeous Mommy!"

Cailey had her 5th birthday party at the house today. We had two kiddie pools, a sandbox, and a sprinkler set up..but the winner was the pools! The kids had a blast swimming and eating gold fish, pretzel fish, swedish fish and cake. Cailey got some great fall outfits and new toys to play with...Thanks everyone!


Laura said...

What a great picture of Becca and actually got my "I don't want to take a picture" daughter to smile:)

anthonyandbeth said...

Love the blog Heather! So fun chatting this morning. Let's get together when I get back from my sister's house! Happy Birthday Cailey! yay!!!