Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mommy, I bet the seagulls are still crying

Cailey loved building sand castles and covering
Daddy with sand

"Maybe I'll try a float again when I'm 7"

I was SO proud of Cailey for diving
under the water...she's come a long way this

First thing she said when she woke up on her birthday was,
"I'm five today....I can't wait to see how much I grew!"
We went to a waterpark for her birthday and
ended with ice cream and a walk on the beach

Writer's Workshop, coloring, and games
while waiting for Kinsey and Braden
to wake up from naps

Early on Cailey made a great friend at the
beach and pool. My first taste of her choosing friends
over time with Mommy and Daddy! They are now pen
pals...greetings Hannah!

Cailey was VERY social and friendly to everyone she met

"I just want one that moves"

She was so excited when I put a ponytail
in my hair

tan and blonde- a beautiful combination

Cailey was a bit more skittish with the ocean this year than in the past. She didn't want to go out the the "deep" parts, but played on sand bars and the shallow part. She loved going on walks for seashells and collected a ton! Everyday she would get to play in the pool with Hannah and Daddy while Braden and Kinsey took a nap. Her favorite part of the trip was definitely the waterpark! She had a blast and even loved the adult slides (that were too scary for me). Of course getting ice cream 3 times was also a highlight. Like Braden, Cailey also enjoyed chasing seagulls and said to me today, "Mommy, I bet the seagulls are still crying." M-"Why Cailey?" C-"Because they are sad that I'm not there to chase them. I bet they'll cry until I go back to the beach again" M-"Cailey, we aren't going back until next year sweetie." C-"Then I guess they will have to cry a long time".


Stefanie said...

Wow - Cailey looks just like you Heather! I love the long blonde hair - your hair has gotten so long too! What gorgeous beach girls :).

anthonyandbeth said...

looks like you guys had a blast! Cailey looks beautiful! So glad you had fun. Let's get together sometime soon!