Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Lunch Date

Excited beyond belief

Waiting for lunch

Sharing with sis

On Thursday my best friend Anne came to see us for Cailey's birthday party this weekend. We surprised Cailey by not telling her that "Auntie Anne" was coming early. When I picked her up from school Anne was hiding in the car and ready to surprise her. Cailey was SO excited to see her! They came home and made rice krispie treats and painted while I was working. Thanks for watching them Anne:). On Friday we decided to come and meet her for lunch at school-yet another surprise! She was sitting in line when we walked up and was so happy to see us. She was showing us off to her teachers and was proud to have her brother and sister there. Then when I picked her up today, Nonny was in the car with me...such fun this girl has had the past few days...and to think she gets a party tomorrow! Stay tuned for party pics!

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anthonyandbeth said...

I'll have to try a lunch date at Harrison's school! I'm sure he would love that! What fun for Cailey so have so many guests who love her so much! She is a blessed little girl!