Saturday, August 4, 2007

Party at the Park

We went to a surprise party for our friend Laura's birthday at Lake Crabtree County Park. It was so fun to be a part of the "cover story". She was told she was going to Cailey's 5th birthday party (which is really next weekend). When they showed up she really had no idea and it was a great moment! The kids had a blast playing at the park and eating LOTS of cake and ice cream sundaes!

The birthday girls

Geof explaining that this is really Laura's party
(not Cailey's)

Having fun and hanging around

Yummy ice cream sundae's!

Braden loved the toppings-especially the cherry on top!

Cailey was really sweet to share her cake with Kinsey (K had already had 1 piece) Looks like Kinsey ended up eating all of Cailey's too!

Geof did a great job planning this party!

Cailey was excited to see Kellen and Addie!

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Laura said...

You got some great pictures! And didn't Laura JUST have a baby? She looks GREAT!