Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

 We had a pretty laid back Christmas Eve since the kids were recovering from being sick. That did NOT mean they didn't want to eat our yummy dinner which consisted of four lbs of shrimp,  two lbs of linguini, and a veggie Christmas tree.

 and maybe some Andes mints

 they wrapped their Jesus gifts and couldn't wait to reveal them to everyone

 these silly kiddos all wanted pictures with the newly groomed Maisy

 while Zoe's spot for the evening was behind the tree

 Reading out of the family bible which has been passed down...

 Zoe came to listen as well

 then the kiddos took turns revealing their gifts for Jesus
 food, medicine, a bible, and a pig this year

 all of the candles were lit then we sang many carols together.

 the last door was opened to reveal baby Jesus

 Cailey and Braden played O' Holy Night then we ended with our nightly ritual of The Twelve Days of Christmas.
After our evening Christmas routine we let the kids stay up and watch The Christmas Story with Daddy...because Mommy can't watch it again, and again, and again :). They were thrilled to join daddy with this new Christmas Eve tradition.

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