Saturday, December 20, 2014

Durham Museum with Welchs

 We went to the Durham Science Museum with the Welchs. The kiddos had a great time but we didn't have near enough time for the whole thing so we will def have to go back :).

 I love all the learning opportunities for science, math, health, art, etc. available in FUN forms.

 they loved the origami (minus Aunt Laura:)

 after watching an eye opening demonstration about booster seats the kids did a Christmas craft/experiment in the lab.

 then it was time for lunch

 Our matchy kiddos! 

 Ephram ran to sit on this saddle

 the girlies petting a cow

 The last place we were able to explore was the butterfly house. Most fascinating bug we saw was the green leaf bug because they look exactly like leaves! Talk about camouflage!

saying farewell to our friends after a great day

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