Friday, September 13, 2013

architect, artist, designer

This boy is SO very creative!  He was drawing out plans for a rocket ship he wanted to make (after reading the Usborne On the Moon book)

all ready to get started!

it was so neat to see his vision come to fruition! He used a box and had the book opened to his idea page. Ephram spent a good deal of time on this project. (Notice he was so busy with it that he never even got dressed that day!)

but he decided that astronauts HAD to have a laptop and cell phone in case they needed to email or call he made them both out of paper. And I found him using the 'laptop' on the stairs so it would stay open.

then he decided to paint pictures to go on his space shuttle so the mission wouldn't be 'boring and white'
he painted a giraffe...among other things

two weeks later....another box came....and another 'adventure' (aka venture) began.
i just LOVE LOVE LOVE his imagination and creativity!  Ephram stayed in the garage 'designing and decorating' this box for over TWO hours!

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