Saturday, September 28, 2013

Backyard Science

 Watching a cicada come out of it's old exoskeleton.  We watched this from the time his tiny green head was popping out until it was completely out.  It was SO neat!

One day while the Keel's were over and playing in the backyard. Abby pointed out that we had HUNDREDS (possibly thousands) of caterpillars all over our leaves. The kids thought it was cool...I thought it was creepy. I mean, the entire tree had three to four caterpillars lined up along the veins of the leaves.  I didn't think it was good...but was assured that it wasn't a big deal.

Yeah...a few days later we went out to check them and our leaves were gone!  The veins were the only things left. If this happens again next year I'm afraid the catepillars are gonna have to find another home. SO crazy!

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