Thursday, September 19, 2013

random doings

 This is how I find Cailey most nights....reading biographies or historical fiction before bed.

a healthy summer snack- cucumbers, mushrooms, tri colored peppers, carrots, and a variety of fruits

 look who has become Braden's helper with the coupons!  both my boys help me every week now.

sweet braden reading to ephram...Chicken Little and Llama Llama were the choices of the moment.

This is what car school looks like....:) So thankful we can travel and do school!
the dogs know who to stand by during meal times....and she claims she doesn't feed them:). we MAY have caught her 'not feeding them' a couple times.  these doggies love her as much as she loves them.

One of the things I really missed while Cailey and Braden were at New Life Camp was being able to hear them practice piano.

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