Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cailey's 11th birthday party

Cailey decided she wanted a music themed birthday party.  With all of our activities on the weekends we ended up having her party in September.
Pop rocks, music note lollipops, bbq chips, hot dogs and beans, green and purple grapes, IBC root beer...made up her party yum yums. (She picked everything...and pretty much planned her whole party:).
I found this great music note paper to use for decorating and took out my clarinet for decorations.

Gracie and Abby came to celebrate Cailey!  (She wanted Maddie Grace and Rebecca to come as well but they couldn't)

The girls went skating and were SO sweet to skate slow with Cailey at first

chow time!

musical chairs, soccer, just dance, were a few of the games that Cailey planned.




They watched 'The Sound of Music'

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