Saturday, November 9, 2013

CAS Adoption Fundraiser

 Today we went to an adoption fundraiser for Carolina Adoption Services in Greensboro at the Science museum and aquarium.

We invited the Corbett's to come along and met up at their house first. The kids wanted to ride together (even though it was 10 minutes away).  We took the little boys and girls while the big boys and Cailey (with Kena) went with them. I LOVE the pairings and love our kids have for this family. Kena LOVES Cailey as much as Cailey loves her. Precious!

Jay and Ephram spent the whole car ride over in a conversation..cutest thing ever! 

Bryce and Braden spent their time outside in the DARK looking at who knows what:). Nature boys.

Cailey and Kena played and giggled and the little girls played in Stacy's room. 

 The kids loved watching the sharks, seeing a GIANT anaconda, checking out the penguins, but most of all touching the stingrays.

 After we toured the new aquarium the kids played in the play area, got their faces painted, and got balloon shapes. These little boys got swords and loved 'fighting' with them.

 these two were begging for a sleepover

 Ephram played with Kena a little too and I had to get a picture of these two together
the cuteness!

 they were on a pirate ship together!

 SO good for my heart to spend the night chatting Laura's ear off.  Thankful for her!

So the whole point of going was to raise money for orphan care in Africa and Asia. I told the kids that most of the other children there were adopted 'just like them'. We saw a lot of Koreans, Vietnamese, Russians, etc. They thought it was neat that so many people were adopted and it prompted great conversation on the way home.

Since he was younger, Ephram has always understood he was adopted and talks very openly about it. He knows that he was in someone else' tummy but was in our hearts. He knows he was born in Korea..and we found out last night that he assumed everyone who was Asian  was adopted:).  I was telling him about all the friends he knows who are adopted and when I mentioned his buddy Alex he said, Of course I know he's adopted mommy because he's Asian..LOL.

The older two don't ever ask questions about it but they both know how adoption works. I tell them all the time that if they ever want more information or have questions about their adoptions to just ask. So in the backseat Kinsey said, "I do have one question" (very loudly)...I was SO excited and couldn't wait to hear it. Her question, "How many dollars did you buy me for?"  WHAT?!  I answered her honestly and just had to laugh. I had NO idea she even knew that adoptions cost money. Maybe with all the fundraising help I do she's figured it out but man...that was one question I was not expecting:).

We had a great night together!

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