Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Day 2013

 it snowed off and on yesterday (mixed with rain) so the kids were excited to get up and go outside to see what was left. they had fun with the little ice that was found surrounding the garden.

 my four turkey's
(it was SUPER cold)

 Cailey spent her afternoon helping Nonny in the kitchen

 this guy could be found pounding nails down in the basement while Poppy worked on his boxes.

 watching the parade...and playing with this much loved toy from their toddlerhood during commercials.

 horsey rides

 we played lots of games together

 my momma who worked hard cooking dinner

 the feast

 the 'rents

 family pic time

 me and my honey

the kids played monopoly with Brian and after a long game KINSEY won!  she was pretty excited.

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