Tuesday, November 19, 2013


 Laura and I went on a bff trip to Minnesota (of all places!) to visit Katherine AND see the Mall of America.  I had recently told her I wanted to go there and she said she'd go. Neither one of us thought it would happen anytime soon (especially in the next month) but we were able to stay with Katherine who was opening a CFA and off we flew!

 flight selfies

 We made it from the airport (and rental car place) to the hotel (with a minor detour PAST the Fuddruckers:). When we got to Katherine's she was working but she left all kinds of goodies!  SO sweet! Then we went jeans shopping...SO much more fun with a friend!

Funny note..I almost didn't bring a coat. To Minnesota. I happened to leave one in the car so when we got to the airport Brian convinced me to take it. Honestly EVERY time I looked at the weather the lowest temperature I saw was 55...so I thought I'd be FINE with a sweater. (Especially since we weren't planning on being outside a lot).  Took me about a day to finally realize that I had been looking at Bloomington in a DIFFERENT state. Yeah...good times. I'm SO thankful I brought the coat because the second day was FREEZING!

 Laura and I headed to the Mall of America the next day. We had free passes for all the rides but were too scared to go on anything else after the Ferris Wheel :).  Laura was excited to hear that!

After spending the day at The Mall we came home to meet up with Katherine and she took us to a cute pizza place...and we had a great time talking, catching up, and laughing LOTS!

 after dinner we went out to dessert to an ice cream place called Culver's :)...then went
home for lots more girl talk:).

 the next day was fun...and though we didn't tour the great lakes (lol) we saw a few of the lakes that make up the state of 1000 lakes.  we drove into a few different cities/towns and toured some gorgeous neighborhoods with old homes. we saw downtown then headed back (after getting lost just a few times:)

 We met up with Katherine and Tyler (a friend/coworker of Katherine's) at CFA and got to watch her in action...was pretty crazy to see people wait in HUGE lines just to eat chick fil a!  This was new to all of them and it was as if it was the best place ever...and it is yummy...but I wouldn't have waited in line for hours..just sayin':).  After the lines died down (and Laura and I were done eavesdropping on the customers opinions) we got some lunch and ate together with Katherine.

Next up we went to some outlets with Katherine and Tyler...yup...more shopping!  It was a COLD WINDY FUN COLD time...finished off by dinner.

 This girl is SO sweet and I'm glad we could spend a few days with her!

 The next morning we packed up the rental car and drove to the airport...only to realize we forgot to put gas in it...so left the airport and drove forever (or what seemed like it) to find a gas station... and were terrified we'd miss the flight, but alas..all was well.
 Laura and I bought our first matchy shirts at the Eddie Bauer outlets the day before:)

We had a couple hour layover in Atlanta then were greeted by these sweet babies who were ready to give snuggles! It was a great trip with a great friend..and great to be home with a great family.

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