Friday, November 1, 2013

More Mountain Fun

 After Blowing Rock, we headed to the Moses H. Cone House for some sightseeing, running around,  and a craft fair.

 Then we left for Grandfather Mountain...but couldn't resist stopping to see this gorgeous sight. We explored Lake Julian for a while before heading to our final destination.

 the kids found this 'hobbit forest' to play in right beside the lake.

 Grandfather Mountain! 
 We started at the swinging bridge before heading over to the nature center. The visibility was amazing with such clear blue skies!

 We watched the bald eagle, bears, otters (cailey's fav), deer, and the mountain lions.

After checking out the animals in person we went up to the nature center and read tons of facts on the mountains of NC, rocks, animals, plants, etc.

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