Thursday, November 14, 2013


Tuesday morning Braden woke up with a red hurting eye. I knew it was bad as soon as I saw it so we called the doctor and after waiting for a while they called back and said they would see him that day. (They wanted us to wait until the end of the month..UGH)

It was tearing up and hurting so much that he put a tissue under his glasses just so he could get some relief.
I took him to see the dr. and she said it has so much damage to it. There is both scar tissue and new places on his cornea that are blocking his vision. That day it was 20/2500!  Basically he couldn't see anything out of his right eye...even with glasses.

This dr. thinks it's keratitis. For now we'll go with that...but last year they thought the same thing then ended up changing their minds. There is no standard treatment for it:(.  He took an antiviral for two days before going back and finding out it was still steroid drops would have to be used to get the inflammation down. He's doing the gel 6 times a day, steroid drops 3, and taking the giant antiviral pill twice a day.

It pretty much came from nowhere...and we are praying it clears up as fast as it appeared. He isn't allowed to swim right now..which he was doing two days a week and loving.

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