Sunday, July 27, 2014

Atlanta Aquarium

 We walked back to the hotel for a shower and dinner (yup...we brought food:) before heading over to the aquarium. I saved money on that by going during the three hours 'twilight'. It was still pricey but it was something we knew was awesome and the kids wouldn't want to miss out on.

 LOVE LOVE LOVE that we could walk everywhere!

 The aquarium was AWESOME! 
 We've been to a bunch...and this one is definitely a must see.

 there were whole walls/rooms of fish from floor to ceiling. the kids could run through glass tunnels to get a closer look at them too. AND there was a room completely 'glassed' in on the walls and ceiling so you could see sharks, etc. swimming right above your head.

 this guy was a GIANT sting ray
his wing span was taller than brian!

 I took one look at this humongously spider looking crab and immediately wanted to eat it:). I'm guessing I'd get a TON of meat from those legs.

 running through the tunnels to get a closer look at the penguins

 there were several touch pools. the kiddos were able to touch small sharks, sting rays, etc.

 As usual we left the aquarium talking about how creative our God is!  From gorgeous varieties of jelly fish to PURPLE star fish (that were amazing)...
Ephram wanted a picture by the dolphin alone:).  For his 'trip' souvenir he surprised us all by choosing a stuffed dolphin. He's been attached ever since!  Cailey chose a penguin (King George:) as her trip gift. The other two decided to wait until we went other places though Kinsey REALLY debated about getting a dolphin!

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