Thursday, July 17, 2014



 When we got home from church on Saturday night Brian saw a turtle walking super fast in front of our house. I jumped RIGHT out of the car to get it!  Cailey has been wanting a pet since Runaway died and though we find box turtles all the time I didn't really think we'd keep it..just wanted to have it long enough for Cailey to see after she was back from Aunt Camp.

 Brian did some research and found out that it should stay outside (oops) and could not be brought into an inside habitat.
 He did some more research then decided HE would build a habitat for her! (We figured out it was a she after researching). 
 Brian worked for HOURS on Sunday making this perfect habitat for 'Georgia'. (We named her that because we were just getting ready to go to Atlanta and wanted to remember the timing of finding her. Not to mention she looks JUST like a Georgia:).

This isn't the kind of thing Brian usually does...or was truly a labor of LOVE for our Cailey girl.
 We dug up moss and planted it as a 'walkway' for her to her food. She eats veggies, fruits, and slugs/grasshoppers/bugs for protein. So far we've really only seen her enjoy banana and strawberry (other than her bugs).

 Such a GREAT daddy!!

 The first night Georgia was in her habitat Brian went to check on her. He shined a flashlight in her box and dropped it (from shock) after seeing an opossum IN the box eating Georgia's leftover fruits! Thankfully Georgia stayed completely in her log and was safe but we knew right then that she needed a roof.
 Brian spent the next evening after work (well into the night) building a roof of chicken wire framed with wood that is hinged above her habitat and fits perfectly. 

We let her 'out' everyday so she can roam around and explore. She continues to be SUPER fast!

 The moment I had been waiting for and SO excited about...Cailey finds out! 
 It was love at first sight:)

she takes care of sweet Georgia (though we all love spending time with her). Cailey only got to spend one day with her before we left to go to Atlanta but loves her already.

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