Sunday, July 20, 2014

July Field Trip to the Greensboro Museum

 For our July field trip we went to the Greensboro Nature Museum with the Welch's. It worked out as a perfect 'middle' meeting place to pick Cailey up from Aunt Camp and it was free with our museum passes:).

 We went in the Human Body room first. They had exhibits here that the kids hadn't seen before...about blood, gas, throw up...all the things kids think are funny:)

 They also had a cool section about foods and how much people ate in the 1970's compared to now.. basically we eat WAY too much and all the restaurants have at least doubled their portions. Cailey was amazed to see that a small 1/2 cup of ice cream is equivalent to 16 plums! 

 Cailey's FAVORITE section is always anything that has to do with weather..especially tornadoes. This museum had a great exhibit and facts about all kinds of weather.

 checking out the dinosaurs

 They also have a mini zoo outside!  Check out that guy watching guard up on the rock:)

 I said, "guys, go sit on a frog with your buddy" and they all immediately ran to sit on one without even needing to discuss who would sit where. It was super sweet:).

 At the end we went to the aquarium to see the penguins, sting rays, fish, and sharks!

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