Friday, July 25, 2014

Atlanta! Coke Museum

 Using groupons and coupons we went to Atlanta for five days.  It all started when I found out about a reading program where the kids and a parent could get into Six Flags for FREE! I quickly signed them up for that then started looking into other things we could do there. Slowly I found the hotel groupons and started collecting Coke codes so we could go to the Coke Museum for free. (Mama is ALL about free:). It took MONTHS (and my boys are now obsessed with finding codes) but we had enough for most of us to go for free:).  THIS was the view from our hotel room. We had NO clue it would be this awesome!

 We got up and left at 5am so we'd have time to do things the first day. After a six hour drive, lunch, and unpacking we headed out into the GORGEOUS (and unseasonably cool summer day) to the coke museum. Everything we did was within walking distance..yay! (well...not Six Flags, but all the Atlanta stuff).

 Checking out all the 'artifacts'
 Coke sponsors the Olympic torches...this was one they were able to hold:)

 Fun fact: Coke did SO much better than other sodas way back because of the consistent cheap price (5 cents) and advertising. They didn't give up and kept offering deals if people would sell and advertise it. AND the price stayed the same for FIFTY years before they raised it. The raise in price caused an uproar. It was only raised by one PENNY:). But by then people loved coke so much that they were willing to pay the 6 cent price.

Oh...and it was something you drank warm...yuck!

 American Idol couch 

 After learning about the History of Coke (which was fascinating, actually) we headed up for some tasting of various coke products from around the world.
 This was Kinsey's reaction after drinking Beverly from! They ALL tasted it and had the same reaction.

 This is where Ephram discovered his FAVORITE soda...which he said was Powerade:). 

 Caffeine Free Diet Coke for mama! (Though I haven't had it in months and have no desire to drink it again.) I did taste it but didn't care for it now...probably because it's been so long!

 After debating between Vanilla Coke and Coke, Cailey decided her favorite drink was just the plain old Coke. Since we aren't a soda drinking house it was actually the first time she'd ever had coke. (She usually has Sprite or Root Beer when the opportunity presents itself for soda.)

Braden's favorite was 'anything cherry' and Kinsey's was her tried and true Root Beer:).  We let them drink as much as they wanted to before heading out. This was their last cup.

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