Thursday, July 3, 2014

Random 2013/2014

Just a bunch of random pics I want to have!

loving polly

Ephram stood and watched this roof go up for two hours while we were doing school! He loves all things construction.

pulling around one of his inventions

entertaining themselves during soccer by drawing in the dirt

"WOW!  Mommy! look at all this great invention stuff in the trash! Can I have it?"

by big helper

the king getting toted around at soccer

brian and his machete. oh how he LOVES his machete from the DR:)

'caught' him doing his favorite thing...reading!

'fancy' girls before a piano recital

always finding 'guns'...this was a giant stick he found during a soccer game

cards with my little cowboy

making zoob crowns

little drummer boy
he wanted to look like 'a real drummer'!

games together

building with Lucas

chillin' at awana with Carter

games with all four :)

matchy sleepover with alyssa

fun with zoobs!
zoob cell phone

and crown

nothing like making a cell phone out of a toilet paper roll...
unless, of course, you turn it into a bible

camping out with his doggies

reading the picture bible

THIS is how she chose to dress. It WAS April at least. in NC. But it was FREEZING and sleeting!!

i mean...

sickies on a snow day

hanging out together

looks like everyone feels better now:)

thumb sucker?? I think not:)

tea party with the girls!

he fell asleep on the STAIRS

spring has sprung!! and my littlest guy can now ride a bike!

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