Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Six Flags Over Georgia!

 We got to Six Flags as soon as it opened and planned on staying until it closed...10:30-10!

 we all went on the log flume first...the kids were in one and Brian and I were in the other.

 Next up came the Daredevil Dive Coaster. CRAZINESS. I somehow agreed to go on it with the kids. It started STRAIGHT up then went straight down before turning, twisting, and looping. Cailey thought it was awesome but Braden, Kinsey, and I did NOT love it. 

 a more family friendly ride

 Cailey as the driver for the kiddos while Brian took me on a ride.

 It was so neat when all four of them were able to go on rides together! AND funny
that they went on some that Brian and I didn't want to go on (mainly water ones)

 The Bat Mobile

 Braden and Cailey on the Ninja coaster...neither one of them liked it. Braden said, "This ride basically made our heads a tennis ball with the arm pads"

 We headed to the HUGE water park after lunch (which of course we ate at the car to save $). We DID buy a giant cup to get free refills all day and definitely got our moneys worth!

 There were a ton of water rides but the lines were super long so they mainly hung out in the wave pool and doing all these slides.

 After fun times at the water park we got dressed and went back for some more rides.

 The kids really wanted to go on a river raft ride so we agreed...especially since there was a short line. At the last minute I decided not to go on in case the camera and all of our stuff got wet. Brian was convinced he was gonna get drenched. I thought they would be fine....
 Oh MAN was I wrong!  I felt TERRIBLE because they didn't have clothes to change into and it was a rare cool Atlanta evening. Daddy was not happy to be soaked...

 They went on a few more rides and dried off a little
Cailey had been wanting to go on a ride ALL day but we went and were told it was closed for the day. BOO!  She was super sad because her friends told her it was the scariest and she really wanted to do it. As the day went on we saw that it was up and running so went to try again but just as she went to get in line it was shut down for another hour and 30 minutes. Sigh. I felt bad but agreed to try one more time before we left the park. We all headed over and the line was L.O.N.G. but let her get in it...hoping that she would get to ride before the park closed (this was before we knew that it wouldn't technically close until everyone who was in line before closing time was able to ride.) We waited a LONG time...Ephram was wet, cold, and tired...and ended up falling asleep on the ground while Kinsey and Braden walked around the arcade (which was open and conveniently located two feet from us)  and we waited more. She eventually got her turn and LOVED it so I'm glad she got a chance to ride it since we won't be making anymore trips to Atlanta soon.

Brian and I took turns carrying our sweet boy to the van then we stopped at Wendy's for a late night dinner and went back to the hotel to crash.  It was a really FUN day together...we all loved it!

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