Sunday, August 14, 2011

Camp Aunt Laura 2011

Cailey spent a week at Camp Aunt Laura and had a great time! These were her siblings for the week:)

hanging out having smoothies and their favorite: talk time! (they call the time before bed when they can talk: talk time) sometimes they'd go to bed an hour earlier just so they can have extra talk time!

While Cailey was there they spent their days at a Drama Camp from 9-3! Cailey hasn't been in anything for that many hours of the day since she was in Kindergarten but she really enjoyed herself. She told me they played games, learned the musical, sang songs, got to eat lunch with friends, and played more games. The musical they were learning was from The Little Mermaid.

They even made the local paper...she's the second one in on the left. I took the other picture when I picked her up on Friday as the girls were coming out. This is downtown Salisbury at the Children's Theater...SO much history and so pretty!

hugging on my girl after not seeing her from Saturday to Friday!!

they were able to play for a couple hours before changing into their performance clothes. so thankful to Laura for letting her stay the week!

Cailey did a GREAT job and loved every bit of it! She LOVES to sing and perform so this was right up her alley. I'm sure if we lived closer she'd be trying her hand at longer musicals. (This one lasted 30 min).

SURPRISE!! Auntie Anne was on her way home from a conference in Greensboro to Charlotte and I invited her to come surprise Cailey. Cailey's face was PRICELESS when she realized Anne was there. I love any chance I get to see Auntie Anne and so does Cailey!

the sisters i never had:) love these girls!! SO fun getting to see both of them together! thanks for coming anne!

so thankful for surprises and a week with rebecca...cailey's bff:)


Laura said...

yay:) Although now I must kill you for posting that picture I told you to delete!! :)

anthonyandbeth said...

So fun! Such a sweet friendship she and Rececca have! Glad you got to see your "sisters" too :-)

Eve said...

Looked like a lot of fun! I just need to move back to NC uh? ;)