Friday, August 12, 2011

Kinsey's sleepovers

While Cailey was away at Camp Aunt Laura and Braden was having friends sleepover every night Kinsey got sleepovers of her own! This was her first time sleeping over someone's house all by herself. The first night she slept over Caroline's house where she "ate pizza, watched a movie, played babies with Caroline, told funny stories, ate chocolate chip pancakes, and did lots of laughing."

The next night she spent the night at Ashton's house where she "drank juice boxes, played computer games, watched a movie, ate a granola bar, played a ball game outside, stayed up really late." She had a GREAT time at both sleepovers and came home to snuggle mommy. She ran right into my arms and squeezed me so tight with a BIG SMILE on her face:).


Eve said...

love the big squeeze hugs! Glad she had lots of fun!

anthonyandbeth said...

Kinsey is looking so grown up! :-(. Tell her to "stop it"