Tuesday, April 16, 2013

DC...the start

 Dad took both Matt and I to DC when we were in 5th grade and we wanted to do the same for our kiddos. Cailey and Braden have studied America this year for History, including each of the states so it went perfectly with our curriculum. When I told Laura about our trip she wanted to join us with Rebecca too.

Mom watched Ephram and Kinsey the two days we were in DC and they had a blast with her! 
 We drove down to Arlington and parked at our hotel on Tuesday morning.  Then we headed to the Metro and into the city.
 metro kids

 Our first stop was a tour of the National Archives. Brian set up tours through our Senator, Richard Burr. In the Archives we were able to see the original documents of The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and The Bill of Rights.  It was so very cool and Cailey was in awe. We also saw many more neat papers including private notes to and from the president about top secret things (like Love Canal, Watergate, etc.). We could have spent all day just in the archives!

 DC had been super cold until the two days we were there....where is was 89 the first day and over 90 the second day...lol! Then (after we left) it went back to normal cool temps. I'm just thankful it didn't rain!

 Brian also set up a tour for us at the Capitol with one of Richard Burrs' interns. We had problems with security wanting us to throw out ALL of our food and water but I just couldn't do it so I waited outside with it.  After a while another girl (named Amanda) came out and had to stay with her stuff as well.  She was willing to watch mine so I went and met the guys inside for the tour.

 Unfortunately it took so long for the intern to come and the movie...that Brian had to go back out and sit with the stuff. Turns out that Kinsey wants to go to the Capitol so he'll be taking her on a special trip there next time we go to MD.
 This is the view the President has when he makes the inauguration speech.

 GORGEOUS ceiling...this picture does not do it justice

 I thought it was neat that on Ronald Reagan's statue there were pieces of the berlin wall put all around it in a row.

We saw a room that had paintings all around the room. Four of them were painted by the same artist, who apparently was cocky because he painted himself into each of them!

 After learning all about the Capitol from our UNC Student Intern we were given tickets to go see the Senate and The House of Representatives in session. We went to see The Senate and there wasn't much going on so after staying a little while we went back out to meet Brian.
 the flowers were in bloom and it was GORGEOUS!

 We walked over eight miles each day. The kids did GREAT with all of the walking!  We packed breakfast, snacks, and lunches then ate out for dinner.
 The first day we ate at Hard Rock Cafe per Pam Keel's recommendation:).  We were tired when we got there and the sitting felt awesome! 

 wonder what they are talking about??

 after dinner we walked to the White House

 They were still working on the Washington Memorial from the earthquake so half of it was covered with scaffolding.

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