Thursday, April 25, 2013

Family Walk

 The weather was GORGEOUS a couple Sundays ago so we went on a family hike.  The kiddos love to explore creeks and woods so we headed to the greenway in Durant.
 they are SO brave...i would never climb down rocks into water!  i'm too scared of SNAKES!

 they brian notice this copperhead.  for the first time EVER i actually didn't panic. i threw a rock at him and watched him fall to the water....where the kids were just playing. They were done and were NOT allowed to go back in. eesh! SO scary!

 STILL wanting to go down and explore after finding the snake

 finding the perfect rock to throw in the water

 brian found this fun sand bar type thing to take the kids out on while mommy stayed safely behind. they had a blast playing and exploring.

 they were walking like this then all of the sudden broke out ring around the rosie. it was hilarious!  very sweet.
picture with daddy:)

seems like we are always super busy in the spring even with saying no to activities so this was a nice change.  and the scenery was beautiful!

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