Friday, April 19, 2013

Remembering Those Who came before us....

 Our plan for day two was to try and see everything we didn't see on Day 1!  After the Arlington Cemetery we wanted to cover the monuments and memorials. We started at the Martin Luther King Memorial.  This was new to me and his giant statue reminded me of King Nezzer in the Veggie Tale Video!
 Brian thinks they folded his arms which made him look like a rapper.

 Next we went to my FAVORITE....the FDR memorial
 the bread line. I love that the girls new all about the different periods in History because of all their American Girl books.  Cailey remembered Kit's family had to stand in bread lines during the depression.

 There was a statue of his dog right beside him.  People were actually posing with the dog instead of FDR!  Gave us a good laugh!

 finding shade wherever possible!

 STAIRS!  yay:).  We went up to see The Lincoln Memorial.  My kiddos have seen this one a ton but it was Rebecca's first time (other than as a baby) seeing DC.

The view from Lincoln Memorial

After we came home each of the children had to choose two people to do a research report on.  Braden chose George Washington and John F. Kennedy, Cailey chose Martin Luther King Jr and Abraham Lincoln, and Rebecca chose Thomas Jefferson and FDR.  This was definitely a learning trip for them and we asked questions and taught them along the way. I'm thankful for Brian's awesome History brain!

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